My Violin Story: Violin Vibrato Series, #1

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My Violin Story: Violin Vibrato Series, #1

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars1/5 (2 ratings)
Length: 106 pages54 minutes


Looking for a good violin story with some vibrato tips?

This true story has it all. Romance, old violins, life changing music, tears, and more tears. A talented little girl, an amazing coincidence one Saturday afternoon, renewal, and a new teaching method for beautiful vibratos.

You will remember this story forever.

In My Violin Story, read stories of:

How I was transfixed by my first violin sound. The mysterious power Meditation had over my tears. My teacher and The Little Girl. How testing high-end violins created 3 hours of tears. How the old Amati violin rose high above all the rest. The 22-year story of a 1904 Gold Medal John Friedrich violin.

In The Touch of the Master's Hand,

Read an old, best-loved poem about an old violin.

In My Vibrato Story, read stories of:

My 3-month project to learn wrist vibrato. How in month 1, I struggled with 7 big vibrato problems. How in month 2, physics saved me from more struggles. How in month 3, I had a near brush with tendon damage. How I finally solved 15 problems to reach vibrato success.

In The Physics Perspective, read stories of:

How physics helped me to learn vibrato. A new vibrato teaching method based on physics.

In 45 Steps to Vibrato Mastery, read a list of:

45 skills and topics to understand for vibrato mastery.

Violin stories don't get much better than the one in the front of this book.

Grab your copy now, and start enjoying the stories, within minutes…

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