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False Doctrines; Misconceptions Inside the Church

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Too many of Christ's words have been misused by Church leaders to go unanswered. This book reveals many accepted doctrines inside Church walls are in fact doctrines that have been man made. This has happened because the words of Christ have not been looked upon carefully enough by today's leadership. False doctrines have invaded the Church due to erroneous understandings of what Christ said. Let me give you an example of such a case.
Today, the leadership would have you believe that you must be born again. The problem with this doctrine is that it is NOT what Christ taught. Yes, Christ used this terminology when speaking to Nicodemus. However, when carefully read, we find that the singular is used when speaking of the born again experience. Christ was not telling Nicodemus that "he" needed to be born again. He was explaining that He (Christ) had to be born again in order for Nicodemus to see (not enter) the Kingdom of Heaven.
It was not Christ speaking to Nicodemus at this point, but rather the Father explaining to Nicodemus that Christ had to die and resurrect in order for Nicodemus to see the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, Nicodemus was being rebuked for the hardness of his heart towards Yeshua. When carefully reviewed, the words of Yeshua during this encounter show that Nicodemus was never going to be saved. We find only that Christ told Nicodemus that he and his peers believed NOT His testimony. Nicodemus was merely a spy sent by the Scribes and Pharisees. He is told by Christ that if he could not even understand earthly things, he could not understand the things of Heaven. This means he was never going to be saved. Nowhere does Christ say anything good here about Nicodemus. He only tells him why he cannot understand. It is because of his refusal to accept Christ's testimony.

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