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Helen's Tomorrow

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Broken family bonds – estranged relationships and sibling rivalry. Can the bonds be restored?

Helen's Tomorrow, set in the county of Yorkshire during the 1940/50s, is a story of rejection, manipulation, jealousy and pride.

Helen, daughter of middle-class mill owners, defies her mother when she marries ‘beneath her’ and finds happiness with husband, Jim. But when tragedy strikes she is left widowed and penniless and, with two young daughters to support, she struggles to survive. Determined not to accept charity from her remorseful, guilt-ridden mother, Helen finds success when she returns to her job in antiques. But she is not prepared for the spiteful ways and bitter reprisals of scheming sister, Laura, nor does she expect to contend with the unwanted attention and conniving ways of greedy mill hand Jack.

During a visit to a London exhibition Helen’s hopes and dreams are shattered once more, but unexpectedly, she finds love when she meets surgeon, Charles Ravel. But what of her future? Will her problems dissipate?

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