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48 Fast and Effective Meal Recipes for Hangovers: Recover Quickly and Naturally Using These Powerful Recipes

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There’s an easy way to remember what kinds of foods can help you recover from hangovers. They are the foods your grandmother would have recognized as being edible: fruits, vegetables, chicken, etc. Not some oversweetened, artifical flavoured, foodlike substance in a box. These are some of the most important characteristics of foods that need to be on your plate.
If you usually get a rush of energy and then a drop after eating something starchy or sugary, you probably need to pay attention to how your body handles sugar. Dips in blood sugar can increase the effects of alcohol. It may be that the low blood sugar triggers the hangover symptoms and the impulse to drink even more. Fortunately, blood sugar levels respond quickly to changes in food choices.
It just takes knowing which foods have the greatest impact on blood glucose.

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