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Awesome Mma Calisthenic Exercises

Length: 166 pages48 minutes


AWESOME MMA CALISTHENIC EXERCISES is the latest trend in MMA and the best way to train. Training Calisthenics also known as bodyweight training involves working out with nothing more than your own bodyweight.

Lately, callisthenic training is hotter than ever. A phenomenon sweeping around the world, helping you achieve your dreamed results. Whether you’re looking to improve your Muay Thai, Jiu Jiutsu, Jeet Kune Do, or any other Mixed Martial Art this book is for you.
With Over 100 Custom Intense MMA Exercises to boost your performance and become the fittest fighter you can be.
The proper diet is essential to succeed so you will also find included 50 Paleo recipes designed to complement your workouts.
MMA fighters are some of the most fit, disciplined, intense, and straight-up crazy athletes on the planet. Every exercise is focused on making you a better fighter. Hey, your life might depend on it, so being in amazing shape is top priority.

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