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God's Sovereignty Displayed

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William Gearing (1625-1690) was a fiery puritan and practical Gospel preacher.

The bible teaches God is sovereign. People who come into contact with this biblical idea for the first time find it offensive instead of comforting. This is especially true when they come under some kind of life-changing affliction, an event that involves a death, or some kind of debilitating disease. Gearing shows that God has an absolute, independent right of disposing of all people and things according to His own pleasure, using Job 9:12, “Behold, he taketh away, who can hinder him?” Anything God pleases to do he does, and is glorified by it. He is sovereign over the destiny of all men, over creation, over how people think, feel, and act, over nations, and controls all the events that occur in every moment of time throughout all of history.

This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

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