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Las Personas Singulares

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Surely sharing what we have observed and learnt with others is a valid endeavor, which even great authors have engaged into. This said, let me add on by way to clarification that many outstanding mystics: Pythagoras, the Rosicrucian Max Heindel, the Toltec sorcerer Don Juan Matus, suggested their students as regards the worth of reviewing backward one's existence (or, in the case of Krishnamurti, taking the experiences and discard the incidents as one lives along). To coax my subconscious into doing just so, I decided to carry this task as if -or actually by- wording a literary work, and here it is the result; but, in addition, my feelings about spirituality, History, and other topics are extant, and above all you will notice in it a passing but, to so speak, complete description of every person I have cherished in my lifetime on account of some picturesque feature or another they possessed. Enjoy it, if you wish! Something else: I could choose English for it, of course (as well as French, by the way); however, being perhaps a tad perverse, it has been Castilian the language in which I wrote it.

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