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Visions of the End; Daniel's Perfect Picture of God's Master Plan

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Historic kingdoms and future nations described by the prophet Daniel.

2600 years ago, God revealed to Daniel the history and destiny of the world's kingdoms and nations, and taught the most important lesson of all…that God always has been, is now, and forever shall be seated on the throne!

From the broadest overview of history,

from Daniel's time to the end of time,

to the identity of the nations who will compete for control over the planet at the end of days,

from the revelation of the exact day of Messiah’s arrival in Jerusalem,

to the determined fate of the Little Horn, 

this exciting study examines of the visions of Daniel,

and peels away layer after prophetic layer of this mysterious book until one truth remains—

God will fulfill all things according to His master plan. 

The man of sin will be defeated,

Israel will be humbled unto salvation,
and the real King of kings will come at last.

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