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How to Tap Your Hidden Sources of Energy

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The white line you see on cargo ships and many ocean liners is called the Plimsoll Mark and tells when the ship is being overloaded. If a load is too heavy, it causes the ship to sink past its white line, and that ship is in a dangerous state.

People have Plimsoll Marks beyond which nerves crack and pep, vitality, vim, and vigor are drowned. A person who has sunk over his own Plimsoll Mark also is in danger.

The favorite expression of Modern Man is “I’m bushed.” Of Modern Woman, it is “I’m worn to a frazzle.” Had each been aware of his own Plimsoll Mark, neither would have had use for such common expressions.

The purpose of this book is to help people find their Plimsoll Marks in life, and in so doing forestall premature old age, needless worry, fatigue, lack of pep, vitality and vigor to carry on.

By following a few common sense rules, plus some new scientific discoveries, anyone can learn how to remain above his personal Plimsoll Mark and prolong his life’s span...and add happiness and success. As you will see, it is a simple matter to calculate and determine your own Plimsoll Mark—the point beyond which you should never sink.—Elmer Wheeler

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