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The White Falcon: Book One of the Overlord Saga

Length: 195 pages3 hours


The wars are over, at least officially. However, Border Wars still flare up fairly regularly. For Alex Steddard this means that he will soon be conscripted in the national army upon turning 18; but, after the death of his best friend in a minor border skirmish, he decides he does not want to be drafted. In order to avoid the draft he joins the White Falcons. A religious order whose faith he doesn't believe in, but they will get him out of the draft. Upon traveling to Portus, the homeworld of the White Falcons he makes several new friends, all of whom who are joining for their own reasons. Some noble, some not so noble. However, what Alex does not know is that the White Falcons were created to stand watch against the return of an ancient evil. An evil that is now returning; thrusting Alex and his new friends for the life and future of all of known space.

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