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Taken: The Wrath of Mabon: Episode 1

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The circle is broken. The elders are dead. The portal has vanished. And the incubus with two souls plans his revenge...

In the continuation of the ‘Taken’ series, Mabon, the lusty male succubus, finds himself on the run. After the elders of the Circle were murdered by Ford, Mabon returns to Forsaken Cove to find a way to reactivate the portal home. Desperate to get word of Ford’s coup to his father, Rogan – The Erect God, Mabon must find others of hexian blood to create a coven so that he can make his stand against the ‘two-souled ghoul’ who murdered his friends, lovers, and kin.

Jeb and Ryan have spent several blissful months as a bonded pair. Along with Wilson, Jeb, the dominant incubus, and Ryan, his submissive former captive, have been hiding out in a remote area of Iceland. Jeb begins to contemplate their future as a bonded pair with one being immortal and the other not. They have no idea what storm is heading their way.

And in Forsaken Cove, Gram Montgomery is a closeted football jock struggling to keep his sexuality a secret. But there are secrets that Gram doesn’t even know about himself. This is a series... This works features sex and the supernatural. This episode is approximately 23,000 words.

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