Arrested in Peace: The Complex

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Arrested in Peace: The Complex

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Length: 152 pages1 hour


The Complex Book Series
A Lone Planet. One Complex.
Unlimited Chaos.

Valerie Washburn enjoys quiet walks through the woods and starlit skies. Unfortunately, she hasn't had any of those in a really long time. Instead she hunts metahumans that are too dangerous for the regular police to handle. She is a bounty hunter with the military training that turned her into what she is: a Witchslayer.

What better place to put her barely repressed hatred of metahumans to use than an experiment that pits human and metahumans together? Two races eternally at war, yet forced to coexist in an attempt at finding peace. On paper it looks like work, but for Valerie it's more like play.

Until the ghosts of her past rise out of ashes and come back to haunt her. She is who she is because of her past. Because of what she remembers. The lives of everyone in the Complex is threatened by this new threat, but delivering justice might not be enough to save the city. Or her.

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