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Dead Bodies in the Closet

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Rita comes back to her hometown a place she hate even as a child. The reason why she is going she got a phone call that her grandfather had died.
He was s man of many secrets ans was not who he appears too be, Along with a town that has its own secrets to tell.
Rita sees her old boyfriend ans sparks fly between them Rita is facing memories of her haunted grandfather, When she receives a strange necklace with a goat and
the strange effect it had a local couple. Rita begins to discover that her grandfather has something to do with evil.
At her grandfather's funeral the strange casket and how the people were acting telling how great her grandfather was. Rita had to dig far
into the town's history the horrible truth about her grandfather and a thing called the Black Mass. It to summon the devil's present and to make a human sacrifice but this time the leader of the cult is her own grandfather. Some how is young again and live! He wants Rita to be a vessel of Satan's baby and start the end of the world.
Will Rita give herself to have Satan's baby? How do you fight evil and win? Will the temptation be too much for Rita? There is one weapon against evil but what is
and will it help?

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