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Kingdom of Heirs: The War-Torn Kingdom, #2

279 pages4 hours


With his homeland under the control of demons, Keo heads northwest to the Old Kingdom in search of their one possible hope for defeating the demons: The long-lost son of the last king of Lamaira, who is prophesied to return and reunite the Kingdom in its darkest hour.

Upon arriving in the Old Kingdom, Keo discovers that the long-lost Rightful Heir has already returned and is about to be crowned the new King of Lamaira. But things become more complicated when Keo is unexpectedly revealed to also be the Rightful Heir, a revelation that surprises even himself.

To determine the true heir to the Throne, Keo must duel his counterpart in accordance with tradition. If Keo fails, not only will he lose his right to the Throne, but the entire Kingdom of Lamaira will fall to the demons as well.

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