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Harvest Heat

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Harvest Heat reveals how modern agriculture feeds hungry people. Something magical happens in 1950 during wheat harvest when one war veteran returns home. He struggles with civilian life after fighting from Utah Beach to Berlin. Despite horrible battle memories he gains new strength by keeping his promise to help starving people get food. He meets a young woman who teaches in a Kansas high school. The Kansas moon's white light fires the passion of these young lovers. She helps him adjust to being home from the war. In the summer heat fueled by the aroma of ripening wheat their carnal love exposes her dark secrets. He helps her fight the trauma of a brutal teenage attack. These young lovers face many challenges. War in Korea drives grain prices higher as American soldiers battle hordes of an advancing enemy. By helping farmers lobby for mutual goals and supporting the leaders of huge farm co-ops they establish a giant agricultural business on the lonely prairie where Indians and buffalo once roamed. With friends from Las Vegas they gamble and gain new wealth by trading grain commodity futures. But only 55 years later one of America’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives is bankrupt. Harvest Heat explains the intricate political relationships of people who helped build a multi-billion dollar agribusiness empire. They now struggle to keep their family farms that supply most of America’s food. Harvest Heat tells how much of America’s political influence comes from citizens in small towns. In the vibrant world of agribusiness these Midwestern folks clash with big corporations and crooked politicians who crave more power and money. Visit this Harvest Heat website for more information.

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