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Sprouting Seeds

Length: 168 pages2 hours


Cora takes us on an emotional journey with intriguing tales of her youth through the segregated past of the Louisiana Bayou. She shares joyful and sometimes heartbreaking memories of the times she spent in the rural south, from stories of oppression to tales of lustful temptations in the nights at the swamp. Despite the racism and discrimination she faces, Cora perseveres and overcomes the various adversities she encounters, sometimes even battling them with her deep-rooted spells and rituals passed down from her ancestors. But will some happenings be just too horrible for Cora to overcome, or will they haunt her forever? Can she truly triumph over her hardships with her feisty flare and witty charm?Join Cora, the compelling matriarch of this southern Bayou family, for a voyage through time that answers these questions and more, in Sprouting Seeds…

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