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And God Said To Me...Do the part of it you love to do…

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Sometimes God has to slow us down enough to navigate the turn that will put us on the path to complete the tasks for which we were created. A stroke that cut off the signals from my brain to my right side was that blessing He chose to enrich my life. This is the first in the series of gratitude journals, written after I survived that stroke. Learning that strokes did not only happened to “old folks”; imperfection is not a sign of weakness; and tears, not always a sign that I had chosen to be unhappy; gave me a new outlook on life. The challenges of being a Caregiver and overcoming guilt were lessons well learned. But through it all, God sent me “Earthly Angels” to walk with me and show me love. And best of all, He walked and talked with me all the way. When the Spirit inspired me to write this series of journals, I was urged to “connect the dots” between the events of my life. Then I would see how God had caused things to happen for my greater good. More than 6 years later, I was given the word to go ahead and share these journals and let you see for yourself how God works things out. Instead of “connecting the dots” for you, I simply left it as it had been recorded to let you see the movement of God, probably in places that I hadn’t even noticed. But it was not until I truly said “Yes” to God, and gave up some old things, could I begin to flow in His will. I have found that God will not let us rest until we obey. But obedience brings with it such sweet peace that it is well worth it.

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