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Floetry in the Spirit

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I’ve entitled this book Floetry In The Spirit because, though it is poetry, I flow in the Spirit. This book entails a lot of my life, yet even in its entirety, you are seeing but a glimpse or a shadow. When it comes to my life and ministry, I am naked and not ashamed, as you will soon discover. God has given me a boldness to speak the truth without abandon because we all suffer from the same disease (sin), we just bite from different trees. It took me a long time to get the following truth: When God gives you a Vision, He will also give you the Provision, whether spiritually, emotionally, financially or otherwise. It is He Who gives one the wherewithal to carry out His Will. God has done so much for me in my life and this book is just a piece of all that He has done. As you read, you will see yourself. But before you begin, I ask that you pray. Ask the Lord to speak to your heart concerning your heart. Ask Him to reveal to you you. My prayer is that the Spirit of God will speak to you through these words, even if it’s just through 1 word. May you be forever changed!

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