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Kingdom of Dragons: The War-Torn Kingdom, #3

296 pages4 hours


As the demons's power continues to grow, Keo travels to the mountains in the north, seeking the aid of the legendary Dracones, a race of shape shifters who can change from dragon to human form and back at will. He also seeks answers to his own true nature, which he believes only the Dracones may hold.

But receiving the aid of the Dracones becomes difficult when Keo learns of the sordid history between humanity and the Dracones. In addition, he soon finds himself caught between the remnants of the Dracones and a small but determined group of humans who claim the mountains as their own territory and will not give it up without a fight.

Keo must find a way to bring peace between the Dracones and humans before all-out war breaks out between them while trying to stop the person manipulating both sides. If Keo fails, then it will be impossible to stop the demons from rising again.

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