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The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2
The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2
The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2
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The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2

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About this ebook

The Sandmann’s Journal Vol. 2 is a continuation of volume 1. Taken from my blog, dates at the beginning of each chapter indicate when they were initially published. Though factual, these entries are not intended to have journalistic value even though there are interviews with Eddie Bullen and his son, Quincy Bullen |whom I’d worked with|. At the time, I had limited access to mainstream radio, television, and very little internet presence. The blog served as a platform where I could address the public and speak on various topics relevant to the Kulture of Hip Hop.
When an emcee makes such a statement, usually, homosexuals, transgender, and some feminists become anxious that the emcee is advocating for chauvinism, intolerance or xenophobia. To ratify this, you will find entries on the twelve tribes of Israel, which is to allow the historic tradition to be reiterated without bastardization unless one were to renounce the Abrahamic doctrine as it firmly promotes love, culture, discipline, the fear of God and devotion.
Release dateNov 15, 2016
The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2
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    The Sandmann's Journal - Wilfred Kanu Jr.




    Published on April 8th, 2012

    At this point, the main thing I want you, my dear readers, fans, supporters or critics to understand and remember is: I stand by what I call, The Abraham doctrine. This means I believe in one Almighty God |who is a He| and an afterlife that is received by merit or demerits from sins or virtues acquired in this life. I believe men are creative while women are intuitive. One cannot do without the other. This duality commands that when a child is born, he or she is taught their family’s tradition.

    No one will ever be perfect. Because a person has a personal weakness they will break tradition. But they should at least feel remorse for doing so. They should teach their tradition to their offspring with pride and see a continuation of their custom. Hypocrisy cannot be used to shame one from proclaiming their doctrine just as the one proclaiming the doctrine cannot judge those who do not live by it. This is very crucial to the process of passing one’s tradition to the next generation.

    In a perfect world, both male and female should be virgins until marriage, once married, the husband becomes the head of the household |having being taught a tradition he’s now ready to pass on|. The wife and children consist of the body of the family and God is above them all. No one should influence the family to break its tradition as it is the best formula for their success.

    Due to human weakness, we may not abide by scripture and end up fornicating before marriage, commit adultery, lie, steal, slander, be filled with pride, jealousy or envy etc. As all sin is equally serious, they must be repented of. It is this nature of sin that makes it necessary to keep a good intent in our heart. I believe if you’re Jewish, you should adhere to the Torah, if you’re a Muslim you should adhere to the Koran and if you’re a Christian you should adhere to the Bible. Above all, I believe the Torah, Koran and Bible are comprised of the entirety of the Abrahamic doctrine.

    We cannot judge each other because it’s humanly impossible to obey the scripture 100%. A good 50% is commendable. Still, the Abrahamic doctrine is the bedrock of our tradition, our scale of moral values and the culture we uphold. Of course, we each come from different backgrounds which can influence our lifestyle. Nevertheless, a media driven secular philosophy that seeks to completely remove the essence of doctrine and tradition from our system is not a philosophy that should be adhered to by those who embrace Abraham’s doctrine. This means, even if he has more than a few shortcomings, a father should never be disrespected by his wife and children.

    Today, the world knows this tradition as patriarchy. Some describe these |vastly summarized| views on family, religion, morals and culture as a judgment of others and God’s punishment of sin as unfair. Quoting scripture can spark an argument. Yet, I encourage monotheism, support masculinity and agree with feminism when it does not generalize or promote disrespect for men. In doing so, I call for adherence to spirituality rather than systematized religion. The family is very important and the scripture holds the answer to every question concerning the well-being of a family.

    Once I connected Islam and Judaism with ancient Christianity, I identified Yahweh, Elohim, Adonay or Jehovah as the true God. I respect nature, love animals and revere human life. I represent this stature through my music, books, and blog. When you read my material and listen to my music, you will find a similar mentality as in the Bible, the Koran or the Torah. I face life and its realities with a God fearing heart and I also respect all other creed and religions; even atheists.

    In this regard. I believe that those who adhere to secularism should have no right to interfere in Abrahamic culture. Are we perfect? No! Are we wrong to proclaim patriarchy? No! We who embrace it, do so even when frowned upon by those who adhere to the modern or secular outlook. This assertiveness could be misinterpreted as arrogance and spark accusations of hypocrisy. Since one of the easiest way to discriminate |against someone| is to tarnish their reputation and deny them of the chance to clear their name. The public will only understand when they know the full story. *




    Published on April 8th, 2012

    Many music careers revolve around good production. Those who are respected as great songwriters, vocalists who’ve near perfect pitch carry emotions that can cause the hardest of hearts to tingle bringing tears of joy, have come and gone. Some never saw the limelight for lack of a seductive demo. Several multi-talented musicians have carried on a solid music career because of the army of producers surrounding them. Michael Jackson had Quincy Jones and Rodney Jerkins. In Hip Hop a DJ was born. Add fashion and exposure to the mix and you end up with a tastemaker or a trendsetter.

    Mainstream musicians have seen great success partly due to the hard work of producers and engineers parachuting them to stardom. With the autotune, many artists |including myself| have found ingenious ways to use it. As a vocalist, it can be used to correct pitch, as a producer, it can be a vital tool to enhance the sound of the instrument. In recent years, rappers have stumbled on the technology and used it to revolutionized the sound of hip-hop. Some have overused it while others have desisted from it completely. Hip Hop is diverse. To remain relevant an artist must set or adopt new trends.

    With every new song that is produced, every hit that rolls out of music stores, there are elements of voice modulation in each song. It’s very oblivious to assume that one can cause autotune use to become untrendy by simply condemning it after it became popular. Jay Z is very influential in Hip Hop but the notion of the Death of Autotune shows his unawareness when it comes to production. Much of his vocals had to have already used pitch corrections. The mere mixing of a track by a studio engineer is done to match pitch to the instrument. In most instances, it’s done subtly to where the correction is usually mistaken for the artist’s natural voice.

    Roger and Zapp, Sheer, Black Street, Tupac and Dr. Dre, The Notorious BIG etc. all used autotune at some point in their careers in the same distinctive way that T-Pain, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne have used it. Only over time, the latter artists became bolder with the technology. They delved deeper and experimented in new ways. Hip Hop music needs such innovations or it may become stagnant. While a part of me is over the voice modulation fad and sides with Hov from a street perspective, I also see it fit to express that from a musician’s standpoint, songs featuring the effect will continue to dominate clubs and airwaves, because the emerging generations will tune out Jay Z’s condemnation of the trend |despite his legacy| in acceptance of something or someone new.

    If one was to interview the producers or engineers who produce for Madonna, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown, the king of music himself – Michael Jackson, he or she will find that they all used some form of voice modulation to enhance their vocals. Autotune may take a different form but it is not going anywhere. On this topic, I think Jay Z’s move with DOA was a stunt. The Blueprint 3 might be an amazing album but it’s not going to cause music producers to stop using autotune. The thought of that in itself is so lame that only a novice will buy it. If we saw through John McCain and Sarah Palin we obviously see through this. Got mad love for Hov but I disagree with him on this one. But I’ll let you tell it. *



    Published on April 8, 2012

    People should listen to my music simply for amusement though they are also educative. Perhaps if one was curious or skeptical of my topic he or she should always remember the context with which the statement was made. The goal is to understand a perspective as opposed to casting judgment when one does not agree with it. You cannot expect everything to go your way. One of the biggest problems in our society today is; people are not willing to ponder on ideas that are different from theirs. And music gives us a glimpse into the mind of the artist. This is assuming, of course, we agree that I’m not referring to the mind of a pedophile or a murderer.

    Some people even avoid reading documents or misinterpret an odd viewpoint thereby missing out on vital information. For example, many green card holders who committed crimes and got deported did not know that if they commit a crime and go to prison, they will be deported. If they were not too self-absorbed, they would have read a newspaper or viewed the important announcement on the news. They would have been aware of that and avoided the trouble. Conversely, since many were too lazy to find out beforehand, many became aware of this critical information from a lawyer or a judge when they had already landed in prison and were on their way to be deported.

    I have seen this flaw in many aspects of our society especially in the music industry. Many street guys refuse to speak proper English or use advanced vocabulary because they are anxious about losing street cred. By speaking improper English with a small variation of vocabulary, many high school and college dropouts are guilty of projecting an image of ignorance even when they are geniuses. I have adopted both street wise and an intellectual tone as I am aware that there are intellectuals in high places who look low upon people who only portray themselves as street wise.

    By not learning how to speak and write correctly a whole generation of talented people have been deprived of honing the discretion that is needed to ascertain how corporations and financial institutions use the debit and credit system, how unfavorable public officials can be legally removed from power or how law enforcement agencies should utilize evidence to uphold the law. By not honing these abilities, many have easily fallen victim of the system, even though they are aware of their civil rights.

    As an artist of Hip Hop what I do is not a platitude. Rappers are not regularly writing articles on the internet or releasing Journals as I’m doing. At least not yet. From a street perspective, this can be a negative for my credibility but I still do it because I know that if I can inspire other rappers to tap into their intellectual ability, Hip Hop would be better for it.

    I come from a generation that is literally sandwiched with elders from the late 1900s to the 1960s, with teachings about how to respect elders and conduct one’s self as ladies and gentlemen, and those who come from the 1960s through to the year 2000 where feminism and other freedoms changed the original conviction of moral principles. Being raised from the 1980s to the 2000s, my generation is caught between the old and new. We are the children who were raised the old way while being expected to think and behave the new way. To me, everyone should be aware of this time laps.

    During the Mid 1980’s cutting edge technologies emerged, musical legends like Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley faced untimely deaths in the wake of trailblazers like Michael Jackson and Prince. Breakdance gave way to Hip Hop which spawned gangsta rap. In Africa, numerous dictators ruled over countries that had recently gained independence from colonialism and during this social reshuffle; a new generation was being born. This was during the mid 1980’s to mid-1990’s.

    Along with that new generation came breakthroughs in technology, broken down barriers of diversity, sexism, and social consciousness. This opened the door to public acceptance of trends that were once considered taboo. Keep in mind by the time we were born, John F. Kennedy, Ray Charles, Mohamed Ali and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had already shaken the world. We arrived close enough to the Ronald Reagan era but were not quite in it.

    Women gained liberation from dependence on men and soon started to earn better, acquire higher statuses in jobs and openly explore sexual options that were once forbidden. Pop culture and Hollywood movies saw a boom in the exploitation of new talents and technologies. Homosexuality and transgender became more accepted as many racial barriers were also broken for the first time in history. As the baby boomers grew older and a new generation was born, there came a total disconnect from morals and principles that were once thought to be normal.

    This gave rise to a generation gap as technology continued to improve many kids skipped a process of innocence as the internet exposed them to everything. Many kids gained easy access and participated immaturely with a deep sense of social exposure and then became accustomed to a lifestyle which used to be only accessible to privileged adults. *




    Published on April 8, 2012

    The adage goes; the love of money is the root of all evil. The deepest root of evil can also be seven sins that many do not even think about. Before we get into that, what are the seven deadly sins? All over the world people belong to different religions and cults. Some are atheists. We each have a distinct belief system that is fitting to us or passed down from a preceding generation. Believers who inherit a religion or cult by birth never question how that religion or cult came to exist. We |this generation| belong because they |our ancestors| belonged.

    And then there is the new and increasingly secular generation that does not practice religion or cult even though they are not atheists. Ironically, whether one belongs to a cult or a religion or not, whether they’re practicing members or non-believers, the fact remains, to the Abrahamic, we’re all helplessly indulged in sin. Our human nature is driven to sin. Even the best restraint is not nearly enough.

    Sins are those exact habits and behaviors which we are prone to indulge in. The activities in which we shouldn’t partake. They end up being the most irresistible. The unhealthy food that ends up on our dinner table, that intoxicating drink, smoke or party that ends in per-marital sex or infidelity. They are our uncontrollable desire to acquire more to enjoy technological or material possessions.

    Why is it difficult to resist those urges that conflict with our morals? If we are not hooked on one thing, we are hooked on another. Whether we believe in it or not, whether we realize it or not, if we stop and observe our lives, we’ll see that we are consumed by a desire for vanity. For this reason, alone, many marriages are doomed before the bride takes off her wedding dress.

    I wrote this to express my view on human nature. This one being what I believe it is that drives us to behave negatively. This can be educative but it’s not a gospel. You have a choice to reject what I’m saying. Okay, that being said, if even one person appreciates this, its purpose will be served.

    Did you know that it is not by accident that you hate stupidity? Maybe you did. Don’t you hate it when people give you their opinion when you didn’t ask? You probably do. Would you tell your troubles to someone whom you know could care less? No. If you’re in someone’s home and they criticized you, you accept the criticism more so than you would if you were in your home. If someone disrespected, you in your own home do you treat them with respect? You would probably throw them out. Don’t you get mad at people who complain about things they need not subject to? There is a natural instinct in each of us that makes us react the way we do.

    According to The Church of Satan, going against the Adamic nature is a sin against Satan. This is a nature that compels us to have a specific reaction to every situation. I once told a friend that I believe the war in the Middle East is not for

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