The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2

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The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2

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The Sandmann’s Journal Vol. 2 is a continuation of volume 1. Taken from my blog, dates at the beginning of each chapter indicate when they were initially published. Though factual, these entries are not intended to have journalistic value even though there are interviews with Eddie Bullen and his son, Quincy Bullen |whom I’d worked with|. At the time, I had limited access to mainstream radio, television, and very little internet presence. The blog served as a platform where I could address the public and speak on various topics relevant to the Kulture of Hip Hop.
When an emcee makes such a statement, usually, homosexuals, transgender, and some feminists become anxious that the emcee is advocating for chauvinism, intolerance or xenophobia. To ratify this, you will find entries on the twelve tribes of Israel, which is to allow the historic tradition to be reiterated without bastardization unless one were to renounce the Abrahamic doctrine as it firmly promotes love, culture, discipline, the fear of God and devotion.
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