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I am Cancer Free : A Memoir

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Cancer does not have to be a death sentence.

Award winner I am Cancer Free - A Memoir, is a touching and emotional true story of a woman's battle with Ovarian Cancer.

The killer disease threatened her life and financial well- being. 
Her strong faith in God saw her through all the trials she had to undergo.

Have you ever been touched by cancer or know someone who has?

Has a doctor. ever told you she could do nothing more for you? 

Do you know what it is like to undergo several months of chemotherapy sessions and cancer surgery in a foreign country? 

Have you experienced that feeling of imminent death? 

Read how this woman survived. 

I am Cancer Free - A Memoir was voted Winner of Mc Grath House Indie Book Awards 2016 in the category Best Non-Fiction. 
Extract of a five-star review from Readers Favorite:

'The author's 'never say die' attitude, the decision not to give up in life, and finally being cancer-free will encourage everyone who has been diagnosed with the disease or who has suffered from cancer. 

The memoir recounts from the time of diagnosis the experiences the author went through during the treatment, her emotions, fears, finances, until the successful treatment of the disease.' 

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