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Qwo Vr.3

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As a continuance from the previous others QWO VR.1 QWO VR.2. This one isn't any different just a more thorough rendering in the writer I myself perspective, or available rhyme's. This isn't the end of all anything I'll be doing writing, but a purpose for peoples misconceptions of the idea about a kind of writer, a persons fulfillment to know and perhaps even comprehend what kind of person, what set of whatever's I'm about, even an insight some may have said. from perspectives to explanatory inquisition's this addition in my series is the most letters and words so far in my publishing's. In these I in no way attempt to get anymore people on my side or want to make people believe me, simply just publishing all of these because I can, and if people where curious enough to see me a type of way here's a better understanding of who I am how I see myself and what I live by in my own set of ethics values and rules.

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