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Rorke's Drift Men: Heroes of the Zulu

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Through the night of January 22nd and 23rd, 1879, a small garrison of British soldiers behind a makeshift barricade of bags and boxes successfully defended the storehouse and field hospital at Rorke's Drift, against an army of Zulu warriors who outnumbered them by about 20 to one. This heroic stand became one of the most famous actions in the history of the British Army, and inspired the epic film Zulu! But who were these men who made such a stubborn resistance when all seemed lost, and what legacy have they left us? For the first time, details of the lives of all these men have been collected into one reference work, categorized in the counties to which they were associated, in the form of biographical tributes. The Rorke's Drift Men is a valuable addition to any military library.

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