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Bloody Mary Confession

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Max and Amanda are America's dream couple. Former college sweethearts, they marry and embark on exciting careers, Max as a star infielder for the Boston Red Sox and Amanda as an up-and-coming Hollywood actress.

But the stress of travel—Max during the baseball season, and Amanda when she flies off to exotic filming locations—takes a toll on their marriage. They purchase homes in Boston and Los Angeles, which only increases the strain.

But their marriage suffers and they divorce with tears and regrets.  Max and Amanda go their separate ways, and start new lives.

Years later, the suspicious death of someone close to one of them brings Max and Amanda together again. They meet at Amanda's elegant home near Santa Barbara. 

A few days reminiscing during candlelight dinners, parties, and wine tasting in California rekindle a spark . . . until the "Bloody Mary Confession."

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