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Do you want to experience true love and happiness in your life, but don't know how? It's simple. To be loved, be love. This book will take you on a transformational journey that will help you to become the love you seek in others, boost your self-confidence, and have fulfilling relantionships.

You will get real-life stories and practical advice on how to:
Experience true love 
Master your sexual power
Boost up your self-confidence and attractiveness factor
Feel and look younger, healthier, and happier
Overcome your fears
Enjoy every minute of your life
Understand the hidden mechanism behind people's everyday actions

Inspired by her personal journey from fear to love, A.G.Billig - author, radio host, certified trainer and Reiki practitioner interweaves real stories with ancient wisdom. The ideas presented in I Choose Love: A Journey From Fear To Love are the result of her encounters with spiritual teachers and healers such as Neale Donald Walsch and John of God, the study of ancient wisdom and seven years of spiritual practice. ​      

With the six techniques outlined in this book, you can create the life you want.That's a promise.

Don't be the person who misses out on opportunities in life because you postpone decision-making. Be the kind of person other people admire and fall in love with. Say "I Choose Love" loud and clear!

For fast results, the digital version comes with 3 FREE BONUSES
The Four-Week Workbook,
Two audio guided meditations
Instant access
to "I choose love" support group on Facebook.

Claim them today by e-mailing your  purchase order of this book to the address listed at the end of the final chapter of the book.

Visit theprojectoflove.com for more articles on love and life as well for connecting with like-minded people.

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I Choose Love - A.G. Billig

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You must unlearn what you have learned.

Master Yoda

Halloween 2015 is a date that made the world news headlines. Twenty-six young and innocent people died brutally in a Bucharest (yes, that Bucharest, the capital of Dracula's country) nightclub. They and two hundred others were watching their favorite rock band perform on stage when the pyrotechnical effects set the venue on fire. It was a matter of seconds before the place became a large, over-heated oven. Those who didn't manage to get out in time through the single, tiny entrance were severely hurt or killed by flames and toxic smoke.

In many people's lives, there is a before and an after related to a life changing moment. Something that challenges their deepest beliefs and values. That fire did this to me. It changed everything.

I had planned to go to Colectiv (that was the club's name) that night, but a sudden burst of fatigue kept me at home. When the phone rang at 11 p.m. with the terrible news, I felt mixed emotions- sorrow and relief. On the news channels, the reporters were already live on the premises talking about tragedy, deaths, fire, the hell breaking open. Ambulances flashed lights and wailed sirens in the background.

I am not the kind of person who slows down under the speed limit when driving past policemen. I am not afraid of traveling alone to unknown places or meeting strangers. I have been a freelancer - no monthly paycheck guaranteed - since 2010 (when I got laid off due to downsizing). Yet, that evening I felt restless.

Although I usually start my day with yoga and meditation, the first thing I did the morning after, was to check Facebook for updates about the fire in Colectiv. The newsfeed was in mourning. Many of my friends - musicians, journalists, artists, colleagues in the PR and advertising agencies, concert promoters, had replaced their profile pictures with black squares. The death toll kept rising (reaching 64 people at the beginning of 2016).

A black and white photo of a young and beautiful woman with an angel smile had the effect a punch in the face.

Stop looking for her in hospitals, she is gone, said the description.

Her name was Monica, and she loved cats. We had been close at my last job with an advertising agency. I liked her kindness and joyful nature. But Monica was gone and so were other people I knew and admired. As if, all of sudden, they had decided to pay a visit to the angels. Ride the fire to the sky.

Monica is dead.

The moment I realized the ugly truth, I felt pain and rage and sorrow, and a deep wound in my chest as if my heart had been ripped off. It was as if, by stealing a piece of my world and some of the best people in my generation, death had taken a piece of me.

Fear wrapped me in cold, skinny arms. I had no real reason for being afraid - the club was located miles away from my home, and the fire had long been put out. But all my senses were alert as if a terrible menace was looming over mankind and myself.

Until my departure for the US, three days later, I wasn't able to put the finger on my fear, nor get rid of it. My heart ached although my family and close friends were unharmed. Things didn't get any better during the first days in Santa Ana, California. Attending a spiritual event, namely Jennifer McLean's Success Signature Attunement, didn't seem to have any effect on me. I drove the rental car at a snail's pace for fear of accidents, shuddered each time I heard footsteps or voices in front of my hotel room, burst into tears for no reason.

One day, I decided to skip the afternoon session and go to the beach. There is this place in Orange County called Corona Del Mar Tide Pools, which I love. High cliffs guard the little beach and its occasional guests: birds and people. 

Who are you kidding? I heard this voice in my head. You think you are brave? Well, you are not. You make choices out of fear.

I clenched my teeth.

No, I don't!

Seconds later, a seagull landed on a nearby rock next to me and gave me a death-black eye. I surrendered.

I had at least as many fears as other women I knew. The fire in Colectiv had been a catalyst that had made them surface. I feared many things: rejection, betrayal, abandonment, poverty, loneliness, heartbreak, marriage, strangers. Going outside my comfort zone. Making decisions. Being authentic. Dreaming big.

Did I fear death? No, not really. But I feared to die having lived an empty existence, devoid of joy, meaning, and purpose. That day, on the beach, I had an AHA moment. I had to admit that I was not living the life I wanted. Limiting beliefs and the fears above had been stopping me. I was a prisoner.

How was I going to overcome my fears? How was I going to break free? Was there a magic wand that could resolve everything?

My stride back to the car changed. I was aware of my problem and determined to find a solution. There was no time for over-thinking or waiting. Action was required immediately

I returned to Success Signature Attunement evening session and reached out for help. Where was I supposed to find any if not in a place full of spiritual people? Myrna Godfrey and Teri Stanley, two wonderful healers from Southern California, used meditation and energy work to release from my body the tension I had been accumulating for the past days. It was their unconditional love, though, that healed my soul and prompted me to make a choice.

The first thirty years of my life fast-forwarded in front of my eyes.

I remembered those times when I was in love. I remembered the love I felt for my family, my friends, my teachers, my mentors. For my craft, my hobbies, even for the strangers who followed my radio or TV shows. I remembered how good it felt to be of service or help somebody in need. How love always rejuvenated and inspired me. Gave me the strength and abilities to defeat obstacles.

I remembered how it felt to be afraid. Afraid of upsetting my father and losing his affection. Of failing at an exam or going through a major earthquake or running out of money. You know, those society inflicted fears that keep us on a tight leash, in the roles of obedient citizens and ideal consumers. I suddenly felt tired and weary, deprived of creativity and wellbeing.

I remembered what I had learned in a tiny Brazilian village a few years ago:

Fear and love can not coexist.

And, without saying a word about it to Myrna and Teri, I made a choice. I chose love.

To live my choice, I had to do some work and practice the knowledge I had accumulated during a seven-year spiritual quest. I had no idea yet that this was going to be both about you and me.

Two days after returning from the US, on the 13th of November, the terrible terror attacks in Paris occurred. This time, I kept my cool. However, I sensed a cloud of worry and fear looming over the Western world. I heard people questioning their future in a malevolent Universe:

Am I going to be a victim of the next tragedy?

That's when I knew I had to write this book. Inspire you to make the same choice I made, to become a love ambassador. The more of us choose love, the better the world becomes. Imagine living your senior years in serenity. Imagine your children and your grandchildren thriving in a world devoid of violence and hatred. You can make it real. You matter more than you imagine.

I need to warn you, this book will transform you. Welcome on your journey to a new life, built on love. The process will not be easy, but I promise it will be rewarding. It will empower you, help you to achieve your love-dream, overcome your fears, experience true love and freedom.

Be ready to question what you've been taught and experience a different approach to life in the first part of the book. Roll up your sleeves and make the life you want with the six techniques presented in part two.

Before you start, let me tell you one more thing.

There are no dramas, just life events. There are no victims, just people with life and destiny. You cannot choose the moment of your birth and death, but you can choose what you do in between. Therefore everything you do, do it with love.



The truth about life


Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule."


I believed I knew everything about love  (and was in love) when the Australian Ron Peris challenged me with the most complete and accurate description of love I've ever heard.

It had been a few days since my arrival at Abadiania, Brazil, on a spiritual journey to the famous Casa de Dom Inacio. Although lunchtime was over, I was lingering by myself at the table in the patio. The day was hot, the room I shared with another woman, too austere for my tastes. As my mind traveled thousands of miles back home, my eyes filled with tears.

Are you all right?

The deep, masculine voice startled me. When had this man sat at the table? His gentle, hazelnut gaze calmed me right away, making me spill out the words that had been populating my head the whole morning:

"I think he is cheating on me!'

I was dating this young and attractive man who was DJ-ing in his spare time in a salsa club packed with beautiful women. Our romantic relationship was fresh, a few months old.

Do you have any evidence of that?

I nodded. Were the likes and comments my boyfriend was getting on Facebook from other girls enough evidence?

Do you love him? Does he love you?

Yes, I do, I said then paused and added, I think he does.

" Are you sure? As I bowed my head in silence, Ron added gently:

Please allow me to share with you the way I experience love. It might help."

I had never heard such a definition of love before, but somehow I knew that Ron was right. I ran to my room, grabbed a pen and piece of paper, and asked him to repeat it.

Here it is:

"Love is the inner