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The Nefairyous Saga: Eye of an Outlaw

The Nefairyous Saga: Eye of an Outlaw

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The Nefairyous Saga: Eye of an Outlaw

192 pages
2 hours
Nov 27, 2016


Prince Vivi Yahalla awakens in a hospital with no recollection as to how he got there. He is badly injured and confused. He is soon informed by the man nursing him to health, "Whistling" Bill Jessup, that he is in a prison infirmary. Through a series of tales told by these two characters, we learn of Vivi's origin as well as the brutal history of the prison known as "The Jungle".

Warden Smiley is the man in charge, however, he provides certain liberties to the four rival gangs in order to keep some degree of peace. Combat and physical strength are what the inmates value and this has lead to certain violent traditions being established, most notably the "Yard Sale". The tales between Vivi and Bill cover both of their histories as well as epic gang wars, power struggles and an uprising of a revolutionary gang of "slaves" that threaten the peaceful facade. Behind the scenes, a mysterious and powerful gang leader has some sinister plans of his own that he is ready to execute.

Discover the folklore of "The Jungle", the origins of it's most prolific inmates and some unexpected twists. What did Vivi do to warrant being sent to this place? What are the agendas of the gang leaders? Why did they choose to save Vivi from being beaten to death during the "Yard Sale"? All of these questions and many more will be answered.

“Eye of an Outlaw” is the second in a series of fictional short stories each of which is part of “the Nefairyous Saga”. This is a collection of dark “fairy tales” that together form an epic saga that introduces interesting characters and gripping story-lines that will keep readers guessing at every turn. Be sure to look out for more information on the other stories in this series in the final pages of this book.

It is not necessary to read the first book in the series, "Welcome to Lily Port", before reading this book. It is, however, recommended that you do so. The main characters are not the same in both books, but certain characters will be introduced that will connect the two stories. Some questions left unanswered in the prequel - related to Abel and the Mountain Man, for example - will also be answered in this second installment.

Nov 27, 2016

About the author

I am a devoted husband and father and a life-long geek. My passions and hobbies range from video games, series and movies to reading and software development. My goal was always to become a video game developer but that dream got lost somewhere along the way. After completing my studies, I became a software developer specializing in business systems development. I have a BSc degree in both Computer Science and Mathematics and an Honors degree in Computer Science. After spending more than a decade in the world of software development and achieving great success in that area, I took a step back to reflect. I came to the realization that despite having had a great career thus far, I had lost sight of what made me passionate as a kid. I then picked up mobile video game development as a hobby and developed some indie games for the Google Play Store. Although I really enjoyed the whole indie "vibe", I came to realize that my true passion was not in the programming side of video game development, but what really drove me was creating and developing stories and interesting, unique characters. It all made sense: the common thread that existed in all my passions and interests was not software development or anything like that, it was story telling. That brings me to where I am now: a father, a husband, a geek, a couch potato, a software developer and an aspiring author who hopes to bring fantastical, fictional tales to the world. As a fan of series and graphic novels / comics, I have chosen to write my tales as short-stories that the reader can finish quite quickly - similar to the concept of a season of a television series. My goal is to release each subsequent issue within a short amount of time so that the readers constantly have something to sink their teeth into without long gaps between the release of the books. I aim for my work to be like my favorite video games, graphic novels, series, etc: suspenseful, gripping, shocking, character-driven and not for the faint of heart and I truly hope that anyone who does me the honor of reading them not only enjoys them but can't wait to get hold of the next one.

Book Preview

The Nefairyous Saga - Brenton Tenner

The Nefairyous Saga: Eye of an Outlaw

Issue 2 of the Nefairyous Saga series

Created by Brenton Tenner

Distributed by Smashwords

Copyright 2016 Brenton Tenner

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

Thank you for downloading this ebook. This book remains the copyrighted property of the author, Brenton Brian Tenner, and may not be redistributed to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to download their own copy from their favourite authorized retailer. Thank you for your support.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The fallen Prince

Chapter 2 – Welcome to the Jungle

Chapter 3 – The birth of a legend

Chapter 4 – Scars that never fade

Chapter 5 – Uprising

Chapter 6 – The Smiling King

Chapter 7 – Gifts of the Jungle

Chapter 8 – Origins of Iron

Chapter 9 – Master of Beasts

Chapter 10 – Brothers of Anarchy

Epilogue – Terror's bane

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Chapter 1 – The fallen Prince

A man is lying in bed writhing back and forth. He is asleep and has restraints binding his tanned wrists to the steel bed frame. He sweats profusely as he dreams and his mind tries to piece together his fragmented memories. The deafening sound of a chopper fills his head and he feels the icy air against his skin as he falls endlessly towards a massive fortress nestled in a dense jungle below.

He recalls a gigantic figure standing over him and beating him with sledgehammer-sized fists that feel like they're crushing his entire being with every blow.

Shhh – shhh – it's ok young man, relax, it's just a dream. Wake up now. I said wake up!

The sleeping man wakes from his nightmare and blinks repeatedly as his eyes adjust to the light. Standing beside him is a bearded man with a big smile plastered across his friendly face.

You ok fella? inquires the smiling man. My name is William Jessup, but everyone 'round here calls me Whistling Bill.

It is clear where Bill got his nickname from – every time he attempts to make a s sound, a distinct, yet unintentional, whistle can be heard. He clearly has some kind of speech impediment.

He extends his arm in an attempt to shake the restrained man's hand.

And you are? he asks politely.

Vivi, replies the restrained man as he raises his arm and shakes Bill's hand. His restraints pull tight as he does so.

Vivi looks at his restraints and the room in which he finds himself - it appears to be some sort of ward. He notices that he is wearing a hospital gown.

Where am I? he mumbles with a confused expression on his face.

Bill walks over to the window and opens it. The deep, booming voices of many men fill the room as they piggy-back on the wind that gently caresses Vivi's skin. He takes a deep breath and already he feels much more at ease.

So you don't remember much then, do ya? remarks Bill as he paces back and forth.

You're in the prison infirmary and I have been tasked with helping you recover. You are lucky to be alive, I gotta tell ya. You sure were foolish doing what ya did, kiddo.

Prison? I only remember bits and pieces... why am I here? asks Vivi while rubbing his head as if that would help defragment his mind.

Bill ceases his pacing and sits beside Vivi's bed.

Well you're in luck, he says, I just so happen to love telling stories. I was planning on telling you my favorite story – the one about how I got my whistle. But that can be told later, for now let me tell you your own story – at least the part of it that I witnessed that is – and perhaps that will jog your memory and you can tell me the rest yourself.

Bill begins to tell Vivi what he knows about how he ended up in the prison infirmary.

You see this ain't any old prison, this here is Jungelen - The Jungle. It was a Norse built fortress and was turned into the single most inescapable prison that the world has ever seen. It is run by the Global Anti-Terrorism Organization and those bastards have this place locked down good and tight.

Vivi looks perplexed when Bill mentions terrorism. The word seems to trigger a memory – whether it is a positive or negative recollection cannot be inferred by his stoic expression.

So, Mr. Vivi, you must have been marked as an extremely dangerous terrorist by them Gators – that's what we call the agents that work for that bullshit organization, by the way. The fuckin' Gators, going around decreeing anything as terrorism based on their own definitions. So who knows what you did kid, you may have just pissed off one of those assholes and they threw yo' skinny ass in here for good measure!

Bill reaches over, grabs an apple and begins to peel the fruit with a scalpel. Vivi is too shell shocked to notice that Bill – who appears to be an inmate himself, just assisting in the infirmary – has free access to something that could very easily be used as a weapon.

Anyways, let's continue, declares Bill as he chews on his lunch.

To ensure that us 'deranged psychopaths' don't commandeer a vehicle and try escape this god-forsaken island, the Gators never land their choppers anywhere on the island – even when they are dropping off new fish. They just chuck their sorry behinds out of the chopper and remotely deploy a parachute which delivers them safely into the Yard. That's exactly what happened to you. You remember any of that?

Vivi squints and strains himself trying to remember. Vaguely, he replies.

Those grazes on your knees are from your landing. Oh and your bruised ribs are from what happens immediately thereafter. You get a formal introduction to Warden Smiley and his guards led by Captain Kruger. He's the one with the thick South African accent, sounds like a real tool if you ask me.

Vivi attempts to examine his wounds but quickly gasps from the pain.

Steady now son, just sit back and listen to the story. Don't try moving just yet, you're still real tender-like, exclaims Bill comfortingly.

Now where was I, he continues, ah yes! The Yard Sale.

Bill gets up, walks over to the window and points outside.

You see kid, right out there is the yard and that is where one of the oldest Jungelen traditions takes place. We call it the Yard Sale. There are four gangs that call this here rock their home: the Nordri, Sudri, Austri and Vestri. They are named after the winds of Norse legend, but this ain't trivia time so let's skip the ancient history lesson and focus on more recent events, shall we? Good!

Bill begins to pace back and forth again, it is clear that story telling excites him greatly.

Each of the four gang leaders have an opportunity to buy the new fish during the Yard Sale. If more than one gang wants the same one, then they must each select one member and those members will fight each other until one is knocked out, submits or is killed. The one who ain't is the winner and his gang gets the fish. However, the fish can refuse to be sold and instead fight for his independence – but that ain't easy, let me tell ya! He would need to defeat one member selected by each of the gangs in order to win his freedom.

A pain shoots across Vivi's head as he recalls something from his Yard Sale.

I chose to fight for my independence, didn't I? he asks even though he clearly already knows the answer.

Yip, ya sure did. Not the best decision you ever made, that's the truth. And the Big Bad Wolf sure didn't like that – whooo heeee – he was mad! replies Bill dramatically.

Who? inquires Vivi with a perplexed tone.

Chief Sonnybill Graywolf, aka 'The Big Bad Wolf', responds Bill. He is one of the baddest sons-a-bitches in here! Believe you me, you do NOT want to fuck with that Injin – sorry, how politically incorrect of me – 'Native American'. He's the leader of those Nordri savages and he did not take kindly to your 'arrogance' - his words, not mine.

Bill pauses for a moment and wipes his brow as he stares out of the window once again. He is growing more excited as the story progresses.

He asked the other leaders if he could let one of his men have the first go at ya and they agreed. They all selected their champions for you to face and it was one helluva line-up. Father Charles Mancer – the leader of those crazy-ass Sudri – chose one of his finest, 'Omega'. Jarl Thorin Odinson selected one of his best Generals, which he referred to as Thanes, on behalf of the Vestri and the D'iarann sent his most trusted General, Ebephet, to select a member of his Austri horde on his behalf. He decided on 'The Locust'... don't ask why he's called that, all you need to know is that if you got as far as him, he would've whooped your ass even worse than Tusk did.

Tusk? I don't know who these people are that you are mentioning Bill, please slow down! exclaims Vivi as another sharp pain slices through his mind.

Ok, ok, calm down! I'll explain more about the gangs and all that in due course. For now, all you need to know is that it was one of the Tusk triplets that landed you in this here bed. You see, Graywolf selected Malachi Tusk as the Nordri champion and you faced him first. At one point I thought you had a chance as you jumped around and did some of that flashy acrobatics of yours, you even landed a decent punch or two. However, the other two Tusk brothers, Levi and Jebediah, were in the audience and they distracted you with their war cry. You lost your concentration for a second and that was all Malachi needed – he landed one punch square on your jaw and you dropped quicker than a hooker's panties! Graywolf told him to finish you off and that's when Tusk started beating the livin' hell out of you – it wasn't pretty, you are very lucky to be alive.

Bill offers Vivi a piece of his fruit and Vivi accepts it. He begins to chew it but his jaw feels like it has been crushed.

Why didn't he kill me? asks Vivi.

He was gonna, replies Bill, but then out of nowhere, Ebephet – he's the Austri General that I mentioned – stopped him. He told The Locust to take you to the infirmary and he told me to make sure you recover. I have no idea why he gives a shit about you. All I know is Graywolf sure wasn't happy, you could see the anger on his face, he looked like he was gonna explode. But he didn't say a word, everyone knows that Ebephet is the 'biggest dog' in the Yard. As hardcore as Graywolf is, Ebephet would still beat his ass... and they both know it. There ain't much racism in this here prison, most of these guys unite in their hatred for the outside world, but you would swear that there was when you see Ebephet's gigantic, African ass walk through the Yard. All of these hardened psychopaths move out of his way so quickly you swear they think they gonna catch something from just being close to him. But that's out of respect, they know exactly who he is and what he is capable of.

Bill walks over to the bed and points at a crude tattoo that seems to have been inked into Vivi's arm very recently. Vivi looks at his arm in bemusement, he has no idea how he got this marking.

Since Ebephet saved you, you are now property of the Austri, to do with as they see fit. That there symbol is a compass pointing East – Austri is the East wind ya see.

Their 'property'... what does that mean exactly? inquires Vivi sternly.

Bills shakes his head profusely: Sorry kid, I ain't saying another word until I get some repayment in kind! Now I done told ya a story – and it was a good one for sure. Before I give you any more info, you need to tell me how it is you ended up in a place like this. You don't seem like the terrorist type to me and I'm usually an excellent judge of character.

Vivi smiles at Bill and says: Fine, a story for a story seems fair. If that is your currency, then I am willing to trade...

My full name is Prince Vivi Yahalla and I am a man of peace, just like my father before me. After my father's demise, I ruled my homeland for many years and we prospered greatly. We lived isolated from the world around us, in a mountainous region close to the Tibetan foothills. For centuries we have succeeded in remaining a secret community that is completely self-sustained and self-governed. We had no need or desire to live like the rest of the world. We are – and have always been – simple folk that just want to be left alone.

Nostalgia fills Vivi as he continues his tale.

However, as the saying goes, all good things come to an end, he says as he pauses for a moment to collect himself.

"As a Prince, one of my duties is to protect my people from the evils that would look to harm us. Unfortunately, in that I

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