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Case Closed (Tangled Up - Vol. 4): Tangled Up, #4

260 pages3 hours


Volume 4 of the Tangled Up series!

Madison Rose, rookie detective, wakes up to find a Post-It note from her boyfriend, telling her it's over! She believes that will be the biggest problem she faces today. She is wrong.

Working alongside her boss on her first real case, Madison strives to find the culprit in her partner’s death, all the while dealing with her sudden break-up...not to mention her gorgeous boss's flirtatious advances!

Knowing now that her ex could be involved with the murders, Madison struggles to keep her personal emotions out of the case. She strives for a happy ending, one where she can be free of past lies and focus on heading forward with the future...but will it be that easy?

Sent into a world of mixed emotions, she struggles to cope with the shocking findings, all while keeping a professional face and trying not to fall too hard for her new boss. Will she be able to hold it all inside...??

Note: Parts of Tangled Up were previously published as The Madison Files.

Also includes Sneak Peeks at some upcoming novels!

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