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Wild Horses: The Eddie Malloy series, #8

488 pages6 hours


A steeplechase at Bangor races...after a mile, a horse suddenly goes wild and smashes through a fence leaving his jockey, Eddie Malloy, comatose. This is no freak accident. In the following weeks, more horses go wild during races. Fortunes are won and lost on them, and the only consistent clue is that Eddie Malloy rides in every race where the horses hit blind panic.

The racing authorities want Eddie grounded. The police want to use Eddie to nail an 'uncatchable' crime lord. Ben and Alice Searcey want Eddie's help and protection against a vicious ring of girl traffickers. And the sexy 'Gypsy Princess', Primarolo Romanic needs Eddie to help hold together her relationship with handsome two-timing trainer, Dil Grant.

Eddie has never faced so many challenges. In this long, intense and fast-moving story, can he keep everyone he cares for alive and unharmed? Or has his luck finally run out along with the wild horses?

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