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Revenge on Her Mind

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How to get pregnant!

In some African cultures, when a woman gets married, she is expected to get pregnant straight away. The aunties stand outside the honeymoon suite for the updates from the groom on whether the child processing took place. But in Angela’s case those relatives never had a chance to stand outside their five-star honeymoon suite in Mayfair because their entry visas to the United Kingdom were denied even after explaining in full detail to the British High Commission in Uganda their reasons for the visit. Her aunt was not to be beaten by the Brit-ish system. She sent Angela a few tips through text messages, which Angela ignored, but af-ter trying for a child for some time without success and realising that she was in danger of losing her husband James to a fertile woman, she took her auntie’s remedy seriously. It’s a race and she is determined to get to the finishing line, especially when James tells her she’s the one with the problem…

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