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Shroud of Ages



Escaping a hurricane ravaged community on the cusp of being rebuilt for an ocean-side city on the brink of getting destroyed by a Tsunami was never Verona’s plan. But that’s exactly what happened.
She had moved to Japan to start a new life, not to end her own. But with no escape as the floodwaters surround her... she had no choice in the matter. All she had was a ring in her hand and a mission to return it to its rightful owner.
So could this simple ring slipped around her finger truly transport her from the ocean's cold grasp? Or are the moments after death just incredibly vivid with dream?
Can this ordinary girl actually travel through time to find herself to be the centerpiece of a magical war, as the last survivors of Witchkind battle for control?
Or is this all just one last nightmare on her way to the afterlife?

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