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The Hurricane Journals



After a surprise attack by the wizard Palmisano left the three Elysian Stones missing, it was the young Tereshka Tytanicus who at last guided the Vampire Storm into her arms, and it was Arabi who held the young witch Angela in his – beaten, bloodied, and left within an inch of death after her encounter with that very same Vampire Storm. So as Angela clings to life, across the swamp the vampire is left to search for the true attacker while yet another struggle for power unfolds within the brood of Saint Claude.
The only question is... will Marigny be able to quell the rebellion of the recently spelled Saint Claude youths? Or will his own pride serve as his downfall when a tournament is arranged to crown the first Composer of War in recent memory?
Either way it goes, as this Witch Game is assembled for the first time in several millennia, it will be the eldest Tytanicus, Jade, who unveils one final scheme to try and pull the vampire to her side. She understood better than almost anyone that this Vampire Storm possessed a power like none other, and controlling him meant controlling the future. But pulling another individual’s will within her own gravity is no simple task, and her celestial struggle will either bring her ancestral spell into being... or it will kill her. And as far as her sister Tereshka was concerned, killing Taryn Jade Tytanicus was exactly the point.

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