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The Baron's Bride: A Novel of Erotic Conquest

Length: 186 pages3 hours


Lady Blaise Fortescu was born with a confusing mixture of good and ill fortune. On one hand, she’s blessed by birth into English rural aristocracy, as well as being endowed with striking good looks and a keen mind. On the other, she occupies a time in history when the lot of even the most privileged females is ruthless subordination to the wills and whims of the men in charge of them. And as the most mixed of blessings, our heroine is imbued with a fiesty, rebellious spirit that proves to be irrepressible even in the face of rather painful consequences. For in the last half of the 18th century, corporal punishment is universally accepted as the proper response to any lack of obedience for females of all aes and classes. Thus, the lovely blonde finds herself subjected to almost daily spankings from earliest memory, though she continues her rebellion by never crying out during her punishments no matter how long and hard they are.

Such a troublesome girl might have trouble finding a proper husband, since the word got around about such shortcomings in the social circles of the countryside upper class. However, the most eligible local bachelor, the darkly handsome Baron Trevor, has his own peculiarities in this particular dark realm of erotic pastimes. Ruthless punishment at the hands of his heartless Mother has left him with a peculiar infirmity. It seems he can only perform sexually with a woman he has just spanked. The thought of a bride who is clearly in need of just such attentions to her very attractive backside seems like the answer to his predicament. But will a gorgeous spirited woman half his age hate him for his perverse needs, or can they find a different sort of romance that satisfies all of their complex requirements? The answers to these questions emerge in a series of exceedingly hot scenes starting from their wedding night.

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