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Inspire Me

Length: 84 pages1 hour


Willow Delaney knows sex...

For years, Willow's romance novels have topped Must-Read and Best Seller’s lists the world over, but when her muse goes missing as her latest deadline draws near, Willow decides enough is enough. Determined to get her sexy back, she puts on a little red dress, tames her wild, curly hair, and walks into Cameo nightclub, hell bent on finding inspiration in the arms of a stranger.

Enter sexy nightclub owner Elias Rodriguez.

Recently divorced and ready to move on with his life, Elias is more than happy to give the goddess in red everything she desires. But after one night of passion, in which they share much more than just their bodies, Elias decides he wants more than just one night...he wants forever.

Does Willow have the courage to live the life she’s always writing about, or will this just be another chapter to delete and start over?

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