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Hitler Must've Had Help - A look at war through the eyes of a child

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Kitso paused for a moment and then asked: “Does your bank do that, daddy?”

“Do what, honey?” he asked, clearly not seeing the link between the question and BestBank.

“Finance wars like the banks did during World War Two,” she said as she looked at him wide-eyed.

“No way, honey, not at all…” His response was a bit too loud and defensive and he knew it. And as he chewed thoughtfully on his next bite it now tasted like guilt.

Surely we don’t finance wars, do we? It’s just business.

Actually, now that his daughter had asked, it made him think. But why was he only thinking about it now, he wondered?

He knew that BestBank held a significant number of shares in the arms sector globally. They were also a principal banker for major arms companies and invested large amounts of their clients’ money into these companies. With all the wars and unrest going on globally, BestBank was quite profitable.

But does our bank actually finance –? He looked around to make sure no one heard his thoughts as the incomplete question now hung precariously above an obvious and complete answer.

His mind was miles away when the waiter asked: “Is everything still okay, sir?”

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