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Cosmic Girl: Rising Up: Cosmic Girl, #1

Length: 398 pages5 hours


Britney Brookes, a sixteen year old paraplegic, wakes up in a huge steel cage, but she’s not alone.  All of her classmates from the field trip to Washington D.C. are there, too.  Two gunmen in hazmat suits, enter the room and start dragging people away, one at a time, to be experimented on.

When the experiments give her back the use of her legs, she is astonished.  When they also grant her extraordinary strength and speed, she strikes back. 

Freeing all of the victims, she tells the police about the kidnapping and torture. But when the police discover the building in ruins, all they can do is send them home.

Britney and her friends test their new found powers, as they try to help people. 

But questions remain that plague them.

Who organized the terrorist attack in Washington D.C.?  Who transported them to the cage?  Who is the mastermind behind it all? 

As Cosmic Girl, Britney and her superpowered friends begin their quest to find the answers, while trying to hide all of this from their parents.

For teens & young adults, or any adults who enjoy seeing a superhero find their place in the world.

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