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The Sky People: The Sky People, #1

Length: 227 pages3 hours


What transpires when aliens meet a human who doesn’t know she’s human?

In the orange seas of their world, they believed they were alone in the universe.

But on a day of storms and fire, a nameless creature explodes to life believing she is one of them, a child of the only home she ever knew. Her solid flesh and alien mind repel those she would call family, beings who have no vocabulary to describe her alien ways.

When her existence corrodes the very fabric of their ancient culture, only war offers a seductive return to the past.

Even if it destroys them all.

A journey to discover who and what she is, The Sky People records a solitary prisoner’s fight for identity as a civilization faces its own fear of the unknown. The Sky People begins the epic first contact trilogy that continues in The Sky People: Arrival and concludes in The Sky People: Full Circle.

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