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Treasures from The Lant Collection: Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Founder. Vol. 2: Treasures From The Lant Collection, #2

Length: 107 pages1 hour


Volume 2 of "Treasures from The Lant Collection". Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Founder.
- One of the most personal book ever written on art, artifacts,
auctions, conservators, and the great yarns that constitute the better part of provenance.
- Written by a man who has been privileged to visit many of the world's great museums.
- A man who has had an interested in arts, its attributions, conservations, and sheer beauties since he was a young boy.
- What was written here is the result of constant exploration, research, gut hunches, and downright blind luck.
Dr. Lant can honestly say he has enjoyed every
moment in his quest to find not just objects of beauty, but objects of history, often fleshed out by himself, who is, after all, a history Ph.D. from Harvard.

Dr. Lant uses his "eye" to find value in rubbish.

In this volume you’ll find a selection of portraits he has restored and bought back to life.

Now dig in, for what follows will sure to delight you.

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