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Mad About You: Desperate and Daring Series, #6

Length: 271 pages4 hours


Time is running out for Miss Madeline Prescott. Her father has given her an ultimatum, marry the suitor of his choice, a man thrice her age, or find her own by months end. She will have to resort to extreme measures. Men are not lining up to court the girl known as Mad Maddie.

There is only one man she could possibly convince to marry her, a rake so disillusioned with love that he might consider her strange offer of marriage to relieve the burden of having to marry at all. All she had to do was ask…

 If Lord Jonathan Rigsby, future Earl of Heath, considered her proposal for even one second, he would prove himself to be as mad as Mad Maddie. Questionable sanity aside, after some consideration he agrees to court her and see if her plan holds water. What he finds is that Maddie is more than mad. She is brave, intelligent, and kind. If he isn’t going to marry for love, marrying Maddie is the next best thing.

 They embark on a whirlwind courtship to convince both their families of the match, but neither anticipated the intense passion that would spark between them, or the powerful emotions involved when pretending to fall in love.

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