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Billionaire Romance Boxed Sets: The Billionaire's Pregnant Girlfriend\Claimed by the Alpha Billionaire Boss (2 Complete Series)

Length: 257 pages3 hours


The bundle contains: 
‧ The Billionaire's Pregnant Girlfriend by Danielle Jamesen
‧ Claimed by the Alpha Billionaire Boss by J.J. Cartwright 


RaeAnn Amli is a small town girl from Maine. She has dreams of going to college with her best friend Jack. Though the two don’t find each other romantically until later in their college years, they quickly discover that they have a rare, passionate love like few others are gifted with. They become happy lovers for a brief while before a tragic accident forces Jack and Rae apart, and it isn’t until many years down the road that the two find each other again, but years and distance cannot extinguish the flame of love.
Despite the challenges she is forced to face, RaeAnn always looks for the brighter side of life and proves to herself and everyone around her that she is a strong, independent man. Jack is lucky to have parents that run a successful company in which serves him very well in his lifetime, but when he needs a lot more than money to prove himself worthy of Rae, he must step up and prove himself the man he wants and need to be for her in order for this romance to work.


Sarah, a twenty-six year old divorcee with a four-year-old daughter, joins an investment firm as one of their many accountants. She has a run-in with the CEO of the company, Charles. Charles is a playboy, known for dating beautiful supermodels, but there is something about Sarah that attracts him to her immediately. Their hearts collide and they are quick to realize that they are made for each other. But the path to love is never smooth. Sarah’s concern is that her daughter will be exposed to a media frenzy, and her fears are warranted. After realizing that Sarah is dating a billionaire, her ex-husband uses their daughter as leverage to try to get money from Amanda. Despite familial problems, Sarah and Charles try to make it work, and try to form a new family for Amanda.

WARNING: Readers must be 18+ due to mature themes and language.

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