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Murder Mystery

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A silver tongue physical education teacher is brutally murdered in the high school. His record of rape, blackmail and sexual harassment is finally met with his demise. It's a who done it with the gay school principal and her music teacher mate, caught with pictures in an revealing position. A rape victim's husband vows revenge. Other victims come forward with claims of sexual exploitation. Who the killer is will surprise you at the end. The murder of the local bank owner shocks the town. He suspected funds were being embezzled. Only three people could have done it, but was there a fourth person who had greed upon the mind? The last novel centers around a planned jewel theft of a party on a tour bus. All are rich. But, only one man has a plan to steal a fortune in gems. His plan is to knock out both his victim and himself to point blame elsewhere. The accidental murder of one victim leads the hunt from Bandon, Oregon to New York City. Stacy puts together her team and they proceed with her methods of detection to the end.

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