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Who Am I?: A Solitary Search for Truth

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Told by an old man nearing the end of his existence, Who Am I?, by author Thomas Carcaterra, offers a revelatory reflection on life and love. In re-examining his own life, his successes and failures, and triumphs and defeats, Carcaterra ultimately realizes all he knows came from his father.

By recalling his own life, Carcaterra has brought to life his father’s existence, and he has also come to understand the history of all mankind and the mystery of why history repeats itself. In addition to a chronicle of his life, Carcaterra presents a treatise about life and our world: why there is nothing new under the sun, love always conquers hate, man and woman have opposite beliefs, Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton, the location of God, and more.

Who Am I? chronicles Carcaterra’s life as he reflects back on where he came from and the various influences that have made him who he has become.

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