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Vaclyner’s Rite: A Novel

448 pages7 hours


Everyone dreams of being a hero. Vaclyner is no different. Left orphaned when his father disappeared and his mother died a few years later, he longs to distinguish himself, even to the point of making up stories about foes he has vanquished while hunting in the woods. His guardian, Fragiir, warns him that the world is full of creatures and people with magical powers that might actually threaten their village.

When Vaclyner meets a mysterious old man in the forest around his home, he accepts a quest that he believes will lead to the fulfillment of his dearest wish. But when he reaches his goal, he finds he’s been betrayed—in a way that will lead to the enslavement of everyone he’s ever loved, with him as the agent of their destruction. Now he must sacrifice everything he’s ever wanted in order to save his home from a terrifying fate.

In this fantasy novel, a young man embarks on a journey in search of his destiny—only to discover that he has endangered his home and loved ones.

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