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The Surprising Scary Day: An Albert and Friends Adventure

33 pages9 minutes


Oliver Owl flies into the barn to settle in his nest for sleep as Albert the horse is waking up. Shaking the shavings out of his long, wavy, black mane, the big, brown horse begins his morning exercise routine. He greets the other horses, Anna and Chess, and together they wait for Sarah, their owner, to arrive with breakfast.

Sarah and her three dogs enter the barn and are surprised by a visitor. He is a dangerous bully. The animals use teamwork to find a peaceful solution to this new problem. As a result, they realize how words and actions can either hurt or help others.

This illustrated storybook for children shows that bullying can take many forms, and it’s best to be kind and loving to all. The Surprising Scary Day also includes a discussion guide for adults and children.

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