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Rod Wars

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No one wants to lead a boring life.
Alex Mulholland on the other hand is an exception. Born sucking on a sliver spoon, throughout his life he’s attended nothing but private schools, spent his summers in other countries and received a motorcycle on his sixteenth birthday. With only one year to spare before he inherits his grandmother’s fortune on his eighteenth birthday he gets into an accident. Dropped into a different world he receives the hospitality of Kaiga one of the largest country’s in the region which is on brink of war with Victashia an opposing superpower.
Determined to return home and collect a lost inheritance Alex enrolls into Corpus Academy an institution dedicated to magus prodigies. There he encounters Melissa Bellheart; beautiful and blonde haired with an ego to match she is hailed as the goddess of Kaiga…in her mind alone. An eleven, the rarest of all magus Melissa is perceived as a government tool, thought of as a weapon and a threat by Victashia, her country’s enemy across the sea.
Her very existence keeps the Viate Order—Victashia’s elite soldiers—at bay but with Alex’s appearance the pendulum could swing, the scales could tip and the brittle peace between the two nations could all but fall away as their unspoken treaty goes up with the flames of war. And when a rod—an ancient weapon with extraordinary power slips into the academy, an interruption could prove inevitable.

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