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Possibilities: Perseverance, Grace and the Story of One Family's Life With Leukemia

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This book maintains a broad range of appeal to individuals and families who have experienced catastrophic struggle, illness or torment on any level, but primarily to readers with an appreciation for stories of spiritual growth and personal reconciliation. It has been posited as a combination of "Man's Search for Meaning" and "Unbroken," which is a testament to both the beautiful writing and dramatic story about the plight of a loving son and brother that is both staggering in scope and mesmerizing in tone. It has received tremendous praise from authors in the faith community (Richard Roar and Wm. Paul Young), non-fiction adventure (Hampton Sides) and the medical community (Dr. William Evans, CEO St. Jude Children's Hospital). Possibilities is testament to the fact that some stories can be both brutal and beautiful; but few stories have ever been more powerful.

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