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On Killing and Innocence: The Chronicles of Henry Fellows

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Henry Fellows is number one on the FBI Most Wanted. Why? They say he killed his wealthy and well-respected parents in one of the most gruesome tales of crime in recent history. After being sentenced to death, he escaped and has been on the run for the last fifteen months. He's been alone and had his face surgically altered, keeping his head down, moving from one place to another in a life resembling a paranoid nightmare. It seems like things can't get worse, but when he finds out that he's being watched, he's even robbed of the ability to turn himself in. The fact is, Henry's innocent. The people that killed his parents are out there following him and he has no idea why. Before he can finally give up and give in, he needs answers. Henry recruits several former colleagues to aid in this task, people from his past in military intelligence. Fellows is gifted, clever, damaged, and edging his way toward full-blown insanity. When the rest of his family is kidnapped, it's a sprint to find the people responsible and bring them down. He'll face twists and double-crosses never before imagined; most importantly, he'll be forced to go back to his old, violent ways. It's a tale of one man's attempt to do the right thing in all the wrong ways.

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