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Plucked Out of the Net

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Donnie Slocum, twin to Connie in the book, In Straight Paths, finds himself entangled in Satan's net when he fails to heed his sister's pleadings to take the way of righteousness. He never meant to get so far away from God. At one time he had almost yielded. "I really want to change," he told Connie. Then he went back to college and his former companions. One thing led to another, and before long, he is faced with seemingly insurmountable problems. Drink and carelessness robbed him of his job, his lovely wife, Sharon, and his precious baby daughter, Christy.

In desperation, after he lost his job, Donnie staged a holdup at a service station in order to get money to return to his hometown and his mother. There he is constantly reminded of God's claims upon his life, and his mother's prayers thwart his every attempt to find any measure of happiness in the ways of sin and disobedience to God's commands.

Connie's letters telling of happiness working in primitive New Guinea with her husband, Larry, merely added to Donnie's frustration and misery. Always, she kept reminding him of her prayers for him.

After returning home, he continued to miss Sharon and Christy greatly and felt terrible for his actions that led to Sharon leaving and filing for divorce. He tried to reconcile to no avail. Finally, when reconciliation appeared hopeless, he met Lisa Whitfield and became engaged to be married. His pending marriage to Lisa was met with disapproval by Donnie's mother, who believed that Donnie's marriage to Sharon was “until death do us part”. Even when it appeared that Donnie and Lisa would marry, Mrs. Slocum continued to pray for Donnie's and Sharon's reconciliation. Lisa's Christian parents felt similarly to Mrs. Slocum and joined with her to pray for God's resolution to this situation. Continual ongoing prayers were also issued for Donnie's Christian conversion.

Just prior to Donnie's and Lisa's marriage, God answered their parents' prayers when Lisa was converted to Christianity and concluded that the marriage was not in God's will to proceed. Especially considering his prior marriage experience, this was difficult for Donnie to deal with.

Even though Donnie had been successful to this time in his attempt to resist it all--the prayers, the letters, the pleadings of Christian friends, and the inner voice--God reached down and plucked him out of the net and set his feet on the straight path to salvation.

His newfound Christian experience led him to make restitution for some of his prior transgressions, including the service station robbery, failure to pay rent and utilities, and theft from a friend. Donnie later felt called to the ministry even though he knew this would be difficult without his wife. He had continued to try to contact Sharon without success. He also felt conflicted about his call to the ministry and didn't know the best way to proceed.

A chance encounter with a minister, Jim Chaney, who had stopped to help him when Donnie was stranded due to car problems, led to Donnie's first ministerial experience at a small church in Jennings. At a Sunday service, he discovered a cute little girl that reminded him of his daughter. When he asked her name, she remarkably said it was “Christy”, and that her mother's name was “Momma Sharon”. Someone with Christy confirmed that Christy and Sharon indeed now lived in Jennings and provided their address.

Through this miraculous set of events, Donnie had re-discovered Christy and Sharon. After visiting Sharon, he was able to discuss his amazing life changes from his newfound Christian experience that made him a different person from the man that led to her leaving him in the first place. This resulted in the incredible reconciliation of Donnie and Sharon and a wonderful Christian experience for both.
This Christian novel demonstrates that, when life situations seem the most hopeless, that prayer and trust in God can lead to miracles

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