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The Collected Fantasy Envoy Erotica

478 pages7 hours


Tobias of Winterbourne embarks on an epic multi-year journey throughout the world of Ximenes, visiting distant mystic lands as diplomatic envoy and ambassador for his king. Along the way he meets many exotic women from all walks of life, leading to one lusty encounter after another amidst his thought-provoking fantasy adventures.

THE COLLECTED FANTASY ENVOY EROTICA brings the first four novels of the FANTASY ENVOY EROTICA series into one volume. Each story is meant as a stand-alone tale, but they can all be strung together to form an ongoing epic narrative. Each book is filled with memorable characters, fun adventure, steamy sex, and a vividly realized fantasy world.

-- In THE CLERIC'S FAREWELL, Tobias must leave behind his home and kingdom, but is given a passionate send-off he will never forget.

-- In THE MAD KING'S ROAD, the Envoy travels with a sprawling trading caravan and becomes embroiled with the struggles of a curvy female Dwarf and her human husband.

-- In THE ELF WIFE, two sexy Elven sisters seduce Tobias into a wild scheme of marriage, political intrigue, and danger.

-- In A NIGHT AT THE DEBAUCHERY, the Envoy becomes caught in a murder mystery treasure hunt in the world's most infamous bordello.

-- This collection also includes an exclusive bonus short story, DISTRACTION TACTICS, about a fateful erotic encounter Tobias has as a young man.

Additional bonus material include links to maps, character stats for tabletop rpgs, and a partial peek into the Envoy's travel journal.

Contains plenty of high adventure, sexy shenanigans, explicit naughtiness, and some violence. ADULT READERS ONLY!

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