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Ta Oandimn

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The simple farm boy Tagan grew up as is no longer there. Always different from the time he was a child, Tagan's path through life was altered forever when he met Braulor, a half-brother he didn't know he had. Little did either of them know, their meeting was no chance encounter. No random act of synchronicity. Tagan and Braulor's meeting had been carefully orchestrated by a force unknown to either of them.

Exiled away from Quanna Eresse, the force which brought Tagan and Braulor together is biding his time. Watching and waiting. Waiting for this moment to enact his escape from the shard of reality he is trapped in and continue his dark rule. Getting Braulor and Tagan together had been hard enough with the limitations of his realm. Now he has to make sure they complete their quest, a job growing more difficult with each passing day. For there are others. Other forces hard at work, who have their own agenda's in play. Their own reasons for wanting to see the restoration of the Amber Eye and all are filled with nefarious purpose.

For all the plotting, planning and scheming, one thing happened which no one planned for. An event which wasn't foreseen by any interested party. The staff. Its discovery has invoked an evil from a long forgotten history. A history thought to have been shut away for eternity and like a straw in a drink, the staff stirs once again. In the right hands the staff is a great tool. In the wrong hands, a pathway from the dark recess' of Ta Oandimn. Ta Oandimn. The last stop for those souls filled with evil deed and purpose. Those who dwell there long to be set free and will stop at nothing to get out.

Tagan's and Braulor's once serene worlds have been turned upside down and now they don't even have each other. Torn from one another before they could complete their quest, they must each now traverse different and treacherous routes to find the Amber Eye. Clinging to what little hope they have, Tagan and Braulor must find their way through the dark paths each of them face to find the light they seek. Their world depends on it.

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