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18 Wheeler

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Carrie Marshall decides to visit her son and his family in California for Christmas. Instead of flying, she chooses to drive across country, something unthinkable when her husband had lived. Lost in an audio book, Carrie fails to avoid a ‘gator’ that thunders beneath her car. And then suddenly her car dies in the worst possible place -- the Salt Flats of Utah.
Stalled on the side of the highway, John Graham sees the familiar the blue Honda that has constantly passed his ‘rig’ since leaving Kansas City. After learning that a winter storm has tied up all the ‘smokeys’ from assisting her, John pulls off behind Carrie’s car. He can’t just leave her there to freeze to death.
Carrie has no choice other than to let this strange trucker transport her to the nearest airport. Frightened beyond belief, Carrie discovers that life on an 18 - Wheeler offers more than every convenience necessary and flips her life completely.
John is truly a ‘prince of the road’, which is something her son Frankie will never accept. Therefore, while being trapped by the snowstorm in the rig for three days, Carrie stretches the truth to her son about being with John.
As expected, when Frankie learns of her story, he is livid. Not only does Frankie spew his fury, he reveals another lie that devastates Carrie. She flees home, only to realize she can’t enter the house that holds the full reality of her dead husband’s deceit.
With Carrie’s invitation for some mouthwatering Kansas City barbeque, John quickly discovers that something is wrong. Why is Carrie staying at a local hotel? After Carrie unloads what happened with Frankie, John invites her on his next delivery to work out whatever she needs to, to get her life back on ‘the road again.’ Once again, John saves her from another horror.
While on route through scenic New England, guilt sets in like an uphill load. John has never ever been unfaithful to his wife Janis, even after her death. And regardless of how dead her marriage had been to Frank, Carrie remained a loyal wife. Still, the miles taunt as both John and Carrie attempt to ignore their growing attraction.
John broker, Phil, seems intent on finding him shit for loads. As a retired secretary, Carrie uses her computer skills to find John profitable deliveries that won’t cost him his rig. To John, the deliveries she locates appears to come as natural as breathing for Carrie. What’s more, Carrie is overjoyed to have discovered a possible future as John’s ‘broker.’
At home once again, Carrie ventures into her new career, but soon returns to ‘the road’ with John as she takes an online course to become his licensed broker. From the West coast to the East, jealousy, attraction, frustration, and fury become their constant companions.
However, John still invites her to go on a biker run with him to the tropical Key West. No matter how thrilled she is to finally get to ride a ‘Harley,’ Carrie must also meet John’s sons and their families. Then after a romantic retreat in the Keys, Carrie and John blissfully return to ‘Bright Light’ where John leaves Carrie start her new adventure as his broker.
This bliss bursts like a blown tire after John discovers that Carrie has started brokering for other drivers and never so much as asked him how he felt about that. Furious, John fires Carrie. Then, as everything possible goes go wrong for John, he’s left with the choice of either go back to Phil or eat crow with Carrie. He calls Carrie.
With her brokerage exploding with success, Carrie is torn. Happy that John needs her, she wonders if she should trust him with her heart. Then, John invites her to go ‘out’ with him once again... and even more. How can she refuse?

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